Diet or Lifestyle
From the 1980s onwards the proportion of obese individuals have doubled, and it is now estimated as being over one third of the population. Researchers at the University of California concluded that diets do not work, they do not lead to sustained weight loss, and often the person ends up putting on more weight after coming off the diet. A study of the effectiveness of low fat diets has also shown them to be ineffective in their aims. A quick review of a number of diets reveals that while the person is on a restrictive food intake some of the symptoms experienced are; bad breath, dizziness, tiredness, constipation, and nausea. Some diets are so restrictive that they can also be socially isolating, while others allow you collect points so that you can have a ‘special treat’. 
It is estimated that the British diet industry is worth over £2 billion, and we are bombarded by; advertising, books, celebrity endorsements etc. for a product that does not work, is unhealthy in the long term, and often expensive to maintain. 
In contrast we are told, that the Mediterranean diet, the Okinawa diet, the Vegetarian diet, and the Vegan diet have numerous beneficial properties, and often associated with the individual maintaining a healthy body weight. However lets not forget these are not diets as defined by the ones endorsed by diet industry, but lifestyles. They are not restrictive as to nutrient intake, but healthy choices. 


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    Richard Dykes, Naturopathic Nutritionist


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