Chronic fatigue and listening to the client. Laura Hillebrand, in an essay entitled, "a sudden illness", talked about her experience of suffering from chronic fatigue. A condition that leaves the individual with so little energy that it prevents them for engaging in a range of everyday tasks. Investigation into a possible cause for the condition created confusion in that no one factor could be identified as being the primary cause, leaving many to conclude that the condition was, "all in the mind". Recently it has been proposed that while the trigger/s for the condition may vary between individuals, they result in compromising the efficient workings of the cell's mitochondria, thereby reducing the person's ability to generate energy efficiently, 
What the condition has illuminated is how we can easily dismiss something that is having a profound effect upon a person because it does not fit into an identifiable pattern. Listening to the patient is a skill that cannot be underestimated. 


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    Richard Dykes, Naturopathic Nutritionist


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